Stray Dog Guards Boy Lost in Woods for 2 Days, Now They Live under the Same Roof — Story of the Day

Evan and his mom moved to a new town, and he joined the boy’s scout to make friends. However, he got lost during a hike, and a stray dog found and protected him the entire night.

When Evan was finally rescued, his mother had to make a decision.

“We can’t get a dog or a cat right now, Evan. We just moved here, and I have work. You have school. A dog, especially a puppy, needs tons of attention, care, and veterinary visits. It’s not that simple,” Evan’s mother, Octavia, shook her head one morning while driving him to his new school.

They had just moved to a new town, and Evan was tired of being lonely and not making friends, so he asked for a puppy or a cat. But his mother refused.

“I’ll be responsible, I swear! I’m old enough to do everything. I can pick up after it and care for it, too,” Evan continued begging. “Please, Mom.”

“Honey, I told you. We can’t right now. We’re just settling in here. Is this about making friends? Because you’re a great kid, and you’re going to make friends at school in no time,” Octavia said. “Also, if you have a pet at home, you miss out on joining some clubs. And clubs are the best way to make new friends. So, please. Drop the subject for now, and let’s focus on adapting to this new place. OK?”

“Evan! Evan!” they whisper-yelled, trying not to catch Mr. Davis’ attention.

“OK,” Evan responded in a defeated tone. Octavia felt terrible, but a pet – even a tiny fish – required a lot of responsibility, and there were more pressing things to focus on now.

Evan got out of the car, dreading his first day at a new school, but maybe his mother was right, and it wouldn’t be so bad. It wasn’t the best because being the new kid was awkward, but people were pleasant enough, and he got to sit with a few exciting buddies.

However, the boy was still planning to convince his mom about getting a pet, and the first step was being extra responsible and diligent. He also helped out with dinner and dishes.

“Did you check out any of the clubs at school? It would be best to join something that occupies the entire afternoon, so you won’t be lonely here until I get home,” Octavia commented while they ate.

“I don’t know. I checked a few, but I don’t know what to pick,” Evan replied, not focused much.

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“You know what might be fun? The Boy Scouts. They’re a good organization, and since we live in a forested area, you might benefit from getting some wilderness skills,” his mother continued.

“Isn’t that dorky?”

“Please, dorky things are in now, kid. Get with the times,” she laughed, trying to be playful. “But anyway, they’ll teach some things about being responsible and independent in case anything happens.”

“If I join, do you think I’ll become responsible enough to have a dog?” Evan chimed in, wide-eyed.

Octavia sighed. “Well, maybe. Although I already told you why I don’t think it’s the best idea to get a dog now. I have no time, and you’re still a kid. But if you can prove that you’re responsible enough to pick a club, work hard in it, and keep your grades up, then we can discuss this again. How does that sound?”

Finally, Evan perked up, and he smiled at his mother. “Yay! OK, I’ll join them tomorrow!”

Octavia grinned and shook her head. She might have to relent about the dog issue at some point, but she would prefer to wait a few years until Evan was older and could adequately care for any animal.


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