Blake Shelton kisses Gwen Stefani near the barn at her home where she teaches her stepsons about country life

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton celebrate Christmas at his ranch with three sons.

When Shelton became stepfather, he faced a problem as his stepsons were culture shocked after living a Hollywood life.
Stefani sold her luxury house after starting to date Shelton.

According to reports, Blake Shelton and his wife, Gwen Stefani, were allegedly spending Christmas and the holiday season in the country. The couple reportedly pulled their children out of school early and headed to their Oklahoma ranch.

Shelton and Stefani took the three boys she shared with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale to the country musician’s Ten Point Ranch. The songstress uploaded an Instagram video of her, her husband, and their dog enjoying their time on the land.

Shelton wore camouflage clothing as he led them foraging for holly berries, while his wife was dressed in a brown jacket, a blue toque, and a plaid shirt. In a clip posted on Christmas Eve, Stefani noted how the plants were Oklahoma deciduous holly.

She later showed them displayed next to a nativity scene at their home. The “Christmas Eve” singer walked with her husband through their stable as their song played in the background before stopping to kiss at one point.

Stefani seemed to have gone makeup-less, and the couple wore simple clothes. Shelton’s stepsons, Kingston, then 16, Zuma, 14, and Apollo, eight, weren’t seen in the clip that their mother captioned:

“My heart is so full right now.”

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton at an NFL game at the University of Phoenix Stadium on December 27, 2015, in Glendale, Arizona | Source: Getty Images

Fans who watched the clip taken on “The Voice” coach’s land were thrilled to see the couple. One person felt Stefani marrying a man like Shelton was like tying the knot with a “lifestyle” as per the grandmother’s words on “Yellowstone.”

Someone else thought the family was “beautiful” and “blessed” and loved how the couple loved each other. A third person wished the couple a Merry Christmas and noted how finding “soulmate love” was “the best.”

Another Instagram user thought the couple was “beautiful” and felt they stayed “real and not fake.” The person also noted how “graceful” and “blessed” the duo was and urged them to keep it real, “stay true,” and “love hard.”

The fan concluded by sharing how amazing Stefani and Shelton’s family was and wished them God’s blessings. The country singer’s stepsons had to learn to live in the country since they’d grown up in the city.

How Blake Teaches Culture-Shocked Stepsons after Hollywood Luxury?
In March 2022, Shelton spoke about his admiration and love for his wife and her sons. However, blending the family wasn’t easy, and the musician noted how the children had to adjust to living rurally compared to their Hollywood background.

The family often traveled from California to the “Sangria” singer’s Tishomingo ranch, and he revealed it was initially a culture shock for the boys. Shelton recalled how two of the boys asked what to do at the ranch!

He urged them to go outside and not return until they were too tired. The star said the children couldn’t imagine turning rocks over, going to the creek with a net, or riding around in a buggy!

However, traveling to Oklahoma frequently gave Stefani’s husband a chance to create memories and share new experiences with his stepchildren. He encouraged them to spend time outdoors and taught them how to fish!

It appeared the songstress [Gwen Stefani] was selling the home in an effort to sever any ties linked to her marriage.

Kingston Rossdale, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale, and Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale at the World Premiere of “UglyDolls” on April 27, 2019, in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

However, being outside led the trio to start throwing hatchets, burning things, and starting fires, with their stepfather urging people to stay out of the boys’ way! After meeting Shelton, Stefani made a big life change for love.

How Did Gwen Decide to Sell Her Luxury Home after Meeting Blake?
In 2019, Stefani sold her Beverly Hills hilltop mansion for $21,650,000! The No Doubt frontwoman sold the estate for over $10 million less than when she first placed it on the market in January 2017 for $35 million.

The home known as The Summit also went for more than $3 million less than the $25 million she re-listed the home for in July 2019. In 2006, Stefani bought the 15,500-square-foot estate while still married to Gavin.

However, the couple separated in August 2015, and that year in November she started dating Shelton. It appeared the songstress was selling the home in an effort to sever any ties linked to her marriage.

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