Jesus, Moses, and an Elderly Man Go Golfing Together

Moses, Jesus, and an elderly man all decided to go golfing one day.

Moses approached the tee and hit his ball, sending it flying across the fairway before it landed in the water trap.

Moses immediately parted the water and hit the ball onto the green.

Next, it was Jesus’ turn, and he hit the ball, sending it across the fairway before it landed in the water trap as well.

Jesus simply walked onto the water and hit the ball onto the green.

Finally, it was the elderly man’s turn, and he hit his ball sending it flying across the fairway towards the water trap.

Just before it fell into the water, however, a fish jumped up and grabbed the ball in it’s mouth.

As the fish fell back towards the water, an eagle swooped in out of nowhere and grabbed the fish in it’s claws.

The eagle tried to fly away, but as it was over the green, a lightning bolt flew out of the sky and hit the eagle.

This caused the bird to drop the fish, and when the fish hit the ground, the ball flew out of it’s mouth.

Once this happened, the ball rolled into the hole for a hole-in-one.

Seeing this, Jesus turned to the old man and said, “Dad, if you don’t quit playing like that, we’re not going to bring you next time.”

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